Skittleman is a natural entertainer and performer who can bring that extra something to your fundraising event helping you raise that extra amount. Fundraising with a Bingo night, Quiz Night, Quingo Night (a mixture of Bingo and Quiz) or an after school magic show or how about a school Disco. You may think organising an event or party is hard work, but trust me Skittleman makes it easy and most of all fun for you and all the people attending. He will help you raise lots of money without people thinking twice about Donating more to you cause.

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Comedy bingo night, I know your image is of lovely ladies with blue rinses and bingo wings marking off numbers. A Skittleman comedy Bingo night is far far away from this image. A Skittleman bingo evening is like nothing else you have been to. It Includes comedy, singing, Lots of laughs and Games to help raise lots of money. Skittleman supplies everything you need to raise lots of money apart from the prizes.



Fun quiz nights, how clever do you need to be ? well you could win just on Bonus Points if Skittleman is there and your up for a giggle. A mix of traditional question rounds, practical rounds, video rounds and the Skittleman favourite round which is “Skittleman sings the Musicals badly”. Along with his very warm personality and expertise you and your teams will go away having had a great evening.


Magic Show

Skittleman is a natural performer and a Top Magician so how about organising an after school Magic Show. He can tailor the Magic show for Ages. So all you have do is get the use of the school Hall, sell tickets to the children and raise lots money. You will also be in the good books with parents as they get to pick their children up later that day. Skittleman also does great School Discos, please look at the disco page for info.